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Are you a new visitor to this blog? WELCOME.

There are literally BILLIONS of other blogs you could access from where you’re sitting right now, and yet you’ve chosen to stop and pay attention now, to mine. Thank you. Time is valuable these days, so I want to make the most of yours here. Are you making a smart investment by being here? Or should you wander off to a different cyber-field? You’re asking the right questions, let’s get you an answer, and fast.  Skim through the following “if you’s…” and if you agree with even just 5 of them, proceed to “An introduction to a more convenient reality”.

If you tend to see the bigger picture;
If you like the idea of shortcuts and secret passageways;
If you want to gain a better understanding of people;
If you desire being able to “read people” more accurately;
If you want to learn neat tricks that will save you time daily;
If you like the idea of communicating with more efficiency, power and success;
If you enjoy thinking & good, meaningful conversations;
If you think you can benefit from improving your memory;
If you’re craving more attention socially;
If you want free stuff, services, meals and perks;
If you want to look and feel a bit more attractive and wanted;
If you enjoy impressing people;
If you wish you had super-seductive powers;
If you’ve been manipulated;
If you’ve been lied to, cheated, cheated on, bullshitted, or wronged;
If you tend to rely on your problem-solving abilities fairly often;
If you like being 5 steps ahead instead of 3 steps behind;

If you can relate to any one of the above phrases, you CAN start feeling great, knowing that you’ve come to a friendly and wonderful place, where you will not only laugh, have fun and feel more happy after you visit, but you’ll also learn tips, tricks, and techniques to navigate through your life with greater accuracy and ease.

Why make life easier? Well personally, because quite simply, I rather make as much as I can, as easy as I can, so that I have more time to think, dream, ponder, write and DO more about the beautiful complexities and more challenging tasks that I will encounter in my life.

In other words, imagine you’re deciding between two new job opportunities, you can drive 10 minutes to a workplace that pays the same as a workplace 60 minutes away, for the exact same type of work. Would you commute the extra 50 minutes, twice a day? Probably not. That extra 100 minutes per day means more time for quality work to better your life, more time for sex (if you’re not having sex regularly and want to, then it’s more time to get better at finding someone suitable..) more time for paying attention to those around you who deserve a bit more of your attention, more time for YOURSELF.

The most common things people say to me are: “How did you get so good at reading people?” “How the hell did you remember that?” “I wish I could get into people’s heads like you do.” “The way you interact with people is amazing.” And above all: “YOU MADE MY DAY!” People ask me what I do, they ask for my credentials, my experience, my biography, they ask how I do what I do, how I know what I know. Answers to these will be scattered all throughout this blog, but briefly, I am a 22 year-old, with professional, real-life, working experience in the fields of performance (actor, magician, juggler, free-runner, musician, comedian, host, and emcee), fashion consulting, creative consulting, security, teaching, seduction and event-management. There are plenty of anecdotes (some more funny than others) that accompany the countless lessons, and altered ways of thinking I learned from my various engagements, and now offer to you.
I would feel rather contrite if I kept adding to this already long plea. Thus, I will end here by thanking you once again, and invite you to become an active and engaged member of this world I’m envisioning and attempting to create (on and off of the internet).

Mindfully yours,


P.S. Please remember to comment, agree, disagree, agree to disagree, share what you like, and more importantly if you don’t like something be sure to tell as many people as POSSIBLE!